Laundry Service

The Elis subsidiary AD3 gives you access to its know-how and expertise in personalized industrial laundry services, to release you from the constraints associated with handling your guests' dirty laundry.

Over the past 10 years, your specialist in industrial laundry for hotel guests, AD3, has built up its expertise across its nationwide network, but also thanks to the responsiveness of its local teams.

AD3 guarantees personalized tracking and a controlled budget, thanks to an all-inclusive flat monthly fee, as well as laundry traceability for easy identification using a computerized procedure.

AD3 is also an expert in linen rentals and is committed to quickly collecting your dirty laundry during its frequent visits, with great attention to detail, and promises impeccable handling of professional hygiene standards for laundry, as well as an irreproachable quality of care.

In accordance with current standards (NF 50-058, RABC, etc.), our procedures ensure the elimination of any microbiological risks.

Just like its parent company Elis, AD3 is committed to providing a bespoke service tailored to your structure, saving you time and giving special treatment to delicate linens.

Whether you have an in-house laundry room or need to outsource it completely, AD3 is YOUR professional partner for the management and handling of your guests' laundry.

It is at your disposal to provide any additional information or respond to your price quote requests.

In-house Laundry Room

A bespoke service suited to your structure that will allow you to handle your guests' laundry internally, without any organizational concerns.

AD3's expertise covers:

  • Training of your laundry staff
  • A laundry budget aligned with your occupancy rates
  • Compliance with professional hygiene standards (RABC)
  • AD3's performance optimization expertise for your laundry plus flawless service
  • Greater flexibility on a day-to-day basis


External Laundry Service

Your guests' laundry is handled with as much care as at home, at a modestly sized external laundry, laid out as per RABC standards.

AD3's expertise covers:

  • Time savings (return of clean laundry, arranged and bagged by guest)
  • Time savings thanks to simplified sorting: soiled laundry is sorted directly by our laundry staff
  • Laundry done in batches to avoid any losses
  • Computerized laundry identification and traceability, by guest, for spotless logistics
  • Special handling of delicate linens


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