Crawling Insect Control


Crawling Insect Control - Monitor

Elis offers a comprehensive cockroach extermination service that both:

  • Prevents their proliferation through an appropriate curative treatment
  • Controls the population as part of a preventative action
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Comprehensive range

Elis provides a comprehensive service combining curative actions and preventative monitoring, in the interest of maximum protection. In concrete terms, Elis:

  • Treats at-risk zones with an insecticidal gel used to contain any proliferation
  • Places detection devices to monitor the development of potential colonies
  • Combination of curative and preventative control for optimal efficacy

Details of the Elis crawling insect treatment service

The Elis Crawling Insect Control Service is a comprehensive service comprising several stages:

  • Audit of your premises
  • Definition of the appropriate frequency of servicing
  • Targeted application of an insecticidal gel in at-risk zones
  • Installation of insect detection devices
  • Regular replacement of consumables and device maintenance
  • Service traceability: tracking of each servicing action
  • Systematic service reports

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