Flying Insect Control


Flying Insect Control

Elis offers a service including professional grade UV lamps whose light attracts flying insects and traps them on an adhesive disc that is replaced each month.

Because flying insects have two multi-faceted eyes that allow them to break light down and sense ultraviolet rays, they are particularly attracted to the sun’s UV-A radiation between 350 to 370 nm. Elis lamps emit UV light at a frequency of 368 nm for increased efficacy.

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High quality UV lamps

Elis offers a global service combining high performance lamps (bug zappers) and monthly servicing, for optimal protection, 24/7:

  • Back office lamp: this modern, effective lamp covers an area of up to 80 m², thanks in particular to its aluminium components, which reflect the light that it emits. Its two UV tubes are sheathed and protected by a locked grille for optimal security.
  • Front office lamp: This aesthetic, decorative Aura lamp is perfect for public spaces. It can cover up to 40 m² and houses an adhesive disc hidden from the public eye, for more discreet extermination.


  • Aesthetically appealing lamps maintained all year long

Details of the Elis flying insect treatment service

Please note: UV lamps require regular maintenance in order to preserve their effectiveness. An adhesive disc that becomes covered with dust is useless, and a UV tube that is not replaced will attract fewer and fewer insects. The Elis 3D Prevention Service guarantees continuous protection, with monthly change-outs of the adhesive discs and annual swapping of UV tubes, as recommended by the manufacturer.

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