Rodent Control


Elis offers a service that can rid you of all types of rodents (black rats, brown rats, mice, etc.). This is a 2-in-1 action comprising:

  • A curative action: neutralization of rodents that might be present in your establishment through the use of biocides placed in at-risk zones.
  • A preventative action: monitoring of the level of biocides consumption to assess the degree of infestation and risk to your company, as the months go by.
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Effective tools

Elis has selected a range of robust devices that are systematically fastened down and locked, to combine safety with optimal effectiveness.

Moreover, signs and stickers are affixed to all the devices, indicating in particular the type of biocide each one contains, in the interest of maximum protection. Lastly, the biocides used in the bait stations were selected for their quality and their efficacy, but also for the limited threat they pose to people and animals. The active substance utilized is difenacoum, a next-generation anticoagulant biocide that is effective on all types of rodents, with a delayed reaction to limit the animals’ wariness and so as not to find their carcasses on your premises.

  • Devices are identified, fastened down and locked – Traceability of all service actions

Details of the Elis rat extermination service

The Elis Rodent Control Service is a comprehensive service comprising several stages:

  • Audit of your premises
  • Selection of appropriate placement locations and devices
  • Targeted set-up on site and summary of installation
  • Regular replacement of consumables
  • Device maintenance
  • Service traceability: consumables used and recommendations
  • Systematic service reports


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