From plantation to cup, the quality of a Grand Cru of coffee is based on the best choices made every step of the way.

The botanical variety, soil, altitude, exposure, maturity and processing of coffee berries all contribute to the development of the thousands of aromas which make up that subtle taste.

With this in mind, Elis selected Malongo, which prioritizes the use of small plantations and Grands Crus, to offer you the best taste profiles and guarantee a perfect serving of coffee.

The full complexity of these unique flavours and aromas are released in your office coffee thanks to traditional roasting at 220°C for 20 minutes, use of a natural, biodegradable paper filter for the coffee pods and vacuum packing in individual pods.

The Elis professional coffee machine uses espresso technology to transmit the full aroma of the coffee it produces, by means of a high, regulated temperature set at 80°, perfect doses of ground coffee (6.5-7 grams) and high pressure (16 bars), all of which help to make your office coffee a central point for any enjoyable break.

The effectiveness of any professional coffee maker would be nothing however without an assortment of exceptional coffee beans. The Elis coffee line includes our Grand Arôme, a delicate blend of wonderful Arabica (80%) and Robusta (20%) beans, our Ethiopian Moka, our 100% Arabica, our Decaf and our Lungo, a 100% Arabica coffee from the best locations in Central America.

Our coffees have all earned the Max Havelaar label, which guarantees their fair trade origins.

Read on now to learn more about our coffees...

• Grand Arôme
A blend of wonderful Arabica (80%) and Robusta (20%) beans
Coffee with rare refinement
Its round-bodied flavour is powerful, smooth and fruity

• Ethiopian Moka
Discover a pure 100% Arabica coffee from exceptional sources, with the Fairtrade / Max Havelaar label
Strong coffee with fruity notes including a hint of apricot
Its generous-bodied flavour is extremely delicate

• Decaf
A tasty decaf with the best fragrances
Enjoy the flavour of a real Grand Arôme espresso, without the caffeine

• Lungo
100% Arabica beans from the best sources in Central America
With its toasted notes and a gentle hint of liquorice, this espresso with added water is mild and balanced, with an airy structure

What is the Fairtrade / Max Havelaar label?

The Max Havelaar label guarantees that the product is a fair trade product.

What is fair trade?
“Fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.” (FINE, 1998)

It is based on three pillars:
1. Economic: guaranteed minimum prices to ensure stable revenue for producers in the long term
2. Social: respect for human rights in the workplace, child education, support for local clinics, purchase of medical equipment and drugs, construction of wells, etc.
3. Environmental: no GMOs, limited chemical inputs, promotion of traditional growing methods

In choosing your coffee, you will be directly helping to improve living and working conditions for disadvantaged farmers in a way that is respectful of the environment.

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