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Personalized service

Elis offers you an all-inclusive rental/maintenance service for your water coolers and espresso machines, which are a source of well-being for your staff and visitors: 

  • A flat fee aligned with your consumption, with personalized delivery schedules to prevent any service outages
  • We deliver and install your water cooler / espresso machine
  • We deliver consumables (coffee sets, water bottles, cups, CO2 cylinders, pre-measured drinks, etc.) and check the equipment at the same time
  • Regular maintenance is included, ensuring a high standard of hygiene for your water cooler / espresso machine
  • We perform repairs within 48 hours
  • Invoicing is clear and transparent


The Elis water cooler service is the only ISO 9001 certified rental/maintenance solution on the market.

Elis guarantees hygienic water coolers by providing maintenance services that are ISO 9001 certified for the relevant fields: water cooler rental, supplies and cleaning.


Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract

  • Cost control:

A specific flat fee eliminates underestimated expense lines: initial outlay, management of consumables, cleaning, repairs within 48 hrs, etc.


  • Optimal quality:
    • Durable appliances compliant with EC and RoHS standards
    • Sanitary compliance certificate
    • ISO 9001 certification for our water cooler service
    • Cleaning scheduled by a computerized system
    • Elis staff undergo ongoin training in best practices for our water cooler service


  • Guaranteed hygiene:
    • Cleaning is included in the flat fee
    • On-site maintenance/cleaning log book


  • Environmentally friendly:

Our water bottles are on deposit and are re-used so as to preserve the environment, we optimize our service and delivery rounds to reduce our mileage, we perform regular maintenance to extend our products' working life, all waste is recycled, and so on.


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  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Guaranteed prices

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