Dynamic Changing Room

The ACD (automated clothing dispenser) is an entirely automated garment distribution system. Its operation provides a substantial garment storage capacity, fast dispensing times, and optimal traceability and uptime.

The dispenser's access door and conveyor system allow users to identify themselves with their ID and to leave and collect their clothing with complete independence, as if it were a conventional wardrobe.

The system uses electronic chips inserted in each work uniform. With each movement in or out of the system, scanners read and record the unique number stored in the garment's chip. The information is then transmitted to the computer system, which processes it in real time and saves it to the dispenser's database.

Benfits of the System

  • Compliance with exchange rules and with health and safety requirements.

Traceability features allow you to check each garment's compliance with the exchange rules in place at your establishment. The separation of clean laundry from dirty laundry provides proper protection from any health hazards.

  • 24/7 operation.

The system does not need to be manned continously and can operate 24/7, so that there are no breaks in the distribution of laundry and users have autonomous access to their clothing. The system is fast - dispensing times are between 10 and 20 seconds on average - and easy to use via hatches for the return of soiled laundry. The ACD is the perfect solution for the immediate provision of clothing for ad hoc usage (by management, temporary staff, visitors, etc.).

  •  Strict management of your garment service.

Computerized inventory management features allow you to check your stock of work uniforms against your needs for each user. Traceability lets you identify the source of any lost or damaged clothing. Transactions are recorded so that you can check that each user returns their dirty items and that you do, in fact, dispense the pre-defined allotment of clean laundry.

  • Cost control.

Statistics about the system's operation enable analysis and can be used to manage the textiles portion of your budget. Other advantages of the ACD can also bring you savings:

optimisation of your premises' floor space;

garment management by size, for competitive rental charges.

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