Recognized PPE Expertise

Since 1995, Elis has been developing its unique expertise in PPE textiles management. Our know-how allows us to advise any employer with concerns for the protection of its personnel, in respect of their selection of personal protection equipment.

Elis is active at each level of PPE production:

  • Participation in the drafting of European standards
  • Development of technologies for fabrics
  • Clothing design

What is a PPE Garment?

A PPE garment is an item of clothing that protects the wearer against one or more hazards that are a threat to health and safety in the workplace.


European directives

There are two European directives governing the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) (89/656/EC - employer obligations) and the design of such equipment (89/686/EC - manufacturer obligations).


Legal obligation of provision

"The employer must provide employees with the necessary work equipment that is appropriate for the work to be done, in view of preserving their health and safety.

"The employer must select work equipment as a function of its specific working conditions and characteristics" (Articles R4321-1 and R4321-2 of the French Labour Code)."


Legal obligation of maintenance

"The employer must ensure that PPE is maintained in good working condition and a satisfactory hygienic state, by means of the necessary maintenance, repairs and replacements" (Article R4323-95 of the French Labour Code).


What is Good PPE?

Good PPE is PPE that is:

  • appropriate to the hazards to which the user is exposed;
  • compliant with the applicable standards, both when new and throughout its working life;
  • maintained such as to preserve its protective properties.


To give you peace of mind that you have provided good PPE to your employees, Elis offers a rental and maintenance service (PPE provision and maintenance).

We work with you to ensure proper alignment between the hazards that your workers face and the PPE that we design.

We then develop a Quality Plan specific to each type of PPE, and provide maintenance to preserve the protective properties of your PPE from the first use of the garment until its withdrawal from service.

The Elis PPE Quality Plan

  • PPE personalization, based on technical feasibility
  • Maintenance of PPE garments by PPE type
  • Inspection of PPE garments each time they are processed
  • PPE traceability (washings and repairs)

PPE Standards

ISO 11612 Heat and flame (ex-EN 531)

Protective clothing that provides protection against heat and flames

Code A1 or A2: Limited flame propagation (no levels: the item either passes or fails)

Code B: Convective heat (levels B1 to B3, with 1 being the weakest)

Code C: Radiant heat (levels C1 to C4, with 1 being the weakest)

Code D: Molten aluminium splash (levels D1 to D3, with 1 being the weakest)

Code E: Molten cast iron splash (levels E1 to E3, with 1 being the weakest)

Code F: Contact heat (levels F1 to F3, with 1 being the weakest)


ISO 11611 Welding (ex-EN 470-1)

Protective clothing used for welding and related technologies

Class 1: Low risk

Class 2: High risk


EN 13034 Chemical protection

Protective clothing providing limited protection against liquid chemical products. Type 6 offers the least protection, while type 1 offers the most.



High visibility garments for professional use



Protective clothing with electro-static properties


EN 343 Bad weather protection

Clothes providing protection against bad weather


EN 342 Sub-zero temperatures

Clothes providing protection against the cold

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