Heat Hazards

Heat hazards come in several forms:

  • heat and flames
  • molten metal spatter
  • welding hazards

Accidental exposure to flames and/or an intense heat source can seriously damage a worker’s health.


To guard against this risk, it is essential to wear an EN 531 (A/B/C) garment made of a fabric that does not spread flames and that limits heat transfers.

Directive 89/686/EEC, Annex II, Art. 3.6: Protection against heat and/or fire

"PPE designed to protect all or part of the body against the effects of heat and/or fire must possess thermal insulation capacity and mechanical strength appropriate to foreseeable conditions of use."

Elis offers a complete range of PPE articles to be worn at all times.

The Epimeto range was designed for protection against accidental hazards covered by standard ISO 11612 A B1 C1 D2 (molten aluminium) E2 (molten cast iron) and standard ISO 11611 Class 1.

The Epiproban range also meets the need for certified protection as per ISO 11612 A B1 C1 E2 (molten cast iron) and ISO 11611 Class 1 (minor welding).

You will find other ranges of PPE clothing compliant with ISO 11612 in the Multi-risk section.

Epimeto Coverall
Colours available :
Epimeto Jacket and Trousers
Colours available :
Epiproban Dungaree
Colours available :
Epiproban Coverall
Colours available :
Epiproban Jacket and Trousers
Colours available :
Epifusion jacket
Collection Epifusion - veste - IMG_2497
Epifusion Trouser
Collection Epifusion pantalon - IMG_2518
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