Sateen Collection

Sateen Collection

Opt for the elegance of a satin weave and the gentle properties of mercerized cotton to enhance your guests' comfort. Enjoy the pleasant, silky touch that Elis achieves by selecting the finest combed cotton fibres.

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Product details

This line is made from combed sateen and is available in solid white or striped white (5 mm stripes).

Technical description

This fabric presents many advantages:

  • "Satin" weave with one weft thread overlaying at least 4 warp threads (or vice versa)
  • Deluxe texture, with a very fine, high thread count for a sensual feel
  • Mercerization: a treatment that enhances the fabric's appearance and endows it with maximum softness
  • Also available in a striped version, alternating matte and glossy stripes that create a slightly raised pattern on both sides of the fabric

In addition, the cotton fibres are selected with very special care. The long, "combed" fibres make the fabric very sturdy, glossy and delicate to the touch.

During bleaching, the fabric undergoes a mercerizing treatment that makes it glossy, supple and more receptive to industrial treatments (like starching, dyeing, ironing, etc.).

  • 130 g/m²
  • 100% cotton
  • Hand holes make the quilt cover easy to fit
  • Full-width opening further simplifies its installation
  • Different sizes of cover are available, easily identifiable by thread colour
  • Bed sheets (with large hems at the head and foot)
  • Quilt covers
  • Square pillowcases with a 6 cm ruffle
  • American pillowcases with a 6 cm ruffle

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