Every environment uses its special charms and materials to create its own style... Make sure your interior design matches up to your desires!

Timeless lines: in white, ecru or ivory... Table linen collections that provide a chic, elegant decor for your tables!

Trendsetter lines: in camel, taupe and bayadere… Collections of table linens that fit perfectly with your restaurant's modern decor!

Intense lines: in champagne, terracotta and chocolate… Table linen collections for a warm atmosphere where colour will lure your guests to the table!

A happy meeting...

Le Jacquard Français is a company with a long personal history, the story of men and women passionate about their work and who have all contributed to building a brand of table linens that has no equal anywhere in the world - since 1888.

The professions of cloth weaver, knotter, beamer, cement applicator and assembler require skills that have been practiced with passion at the production site in Gérardmer in the Vosges region of France, for more than 100 years.

Since the mid-sixties, Elis and Le Jacquard Français have been working together to develop collections that match the character of the greatest restaurants in France.

In March 2011, Le Jacquard Français earned the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, which is awarded to French businesses who achieve excellence in craftwork and industrial expertise.

The company's brand has been an ambassador for French skill in the art of the table, throughout the world.

Did you know?

  • The Jacquard weaving process employs a programmed mechanical system that controls the individual upward and downward movements of each of the 5,000 warp yarns.
  • This complex technology enables one individual fabric to be embellished with a multitude of different weaves, and thus makes it possible to weave many original and creative designs into the material.
Authentic Collection
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Bayadere Collection
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Bistrot Collection
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Chain Collection
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Square Collection
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Floral Collection
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Hotelin Collection
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Métis Collection
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Birdseye Collection
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Solid Satin Collection
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Satin Stripe Collection
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