Simplify your laundering with a rental/maintenance contract

The Elis rental/maintenance service provides all of the following: cost control, top quality, guaranteed hygiene and an environmentally friendly service.

Packaging adapted to your organisation: our textiles are delivered on wrapped trolleys or in fabric bags which are washed after each delivery. For the healthcare industry, items are delivered wrapped in plastic film, on a wrapped trolley.

The advantages of our rental/maintenance service:

  • Needs assessment to identify items that meet your requirements 
  • Purchase and storage of your garments by Elis in the interest of budget control (no need to purchase the goods yourself) with fast turnaround times (initial delivery, extra items for expanding staff, etc.)
  • Product maintenance: your items will undergo bacteriological inspections
  • A la carte service: personalized service with regular deliveries as per your requirements
  • Worry-free usage: impeccable fresh laundry always available so that you can provide meticulous service to your clients
  • Dedicated point of contact: continuous attention throughout the term of your contract

Healthcare linens compliant with the RABC standard

Elis's healthcare production centers follow a process specified by the RABC standard.

The RABC standard ensures:

  • Handling of laundry based on the "first in, first out" rule
  • Functional separation of dirty items from clean items
  • Microbiological risk analysis and management
  • Pre-sorting and sorting of laundry (no sorting of dirty linens by our clients)
  • Tracking of staff and equipment movements (the "forward movement" principle)
  • Our staff's uniforms (special uniforms in dirty laundry areas)
  • Proper transport of clean, dry laundry (double packaging of clean laundry and of dirty laundry)

Contact Elis

  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Guaranteed prices

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