Why an Elis mat and why a rental/maintenance service?

According to a 2003 study conducted by the European Textile Services Association, 75% of an establishment’s dirt and dust is carried in on the soles of shoes.

Elis has developed an optimal solution for more hygienic flooring: installation and regular cleaning of stain-proof mats.

Did you know that, after an average of 15 days, mats become saturated with dust, making them ineffective? This is why it is vital to wash them regularly, bearing in mind that only industrial washing can provide deep-down cleaning of any encrusted dirt or grime.

Discuss this with your Elis representative and choose the locations, sizes and colours of mats that are best suited to your needs, from our large product range.

Finding the right mat for you

Elis offers you a wide range of mats with a broad selection of colours and sizes.

Explore our classic mats, professional mats, message mats, logo mats, personalized mats, as well as scrapper and ergonomic properties, and choose the mats that suit you best.

The Elis service

After an average of 15 days, mats become saturated with dust, making them ineffective.

As a result, it is essential to clean your mats regularly.

Only an industrial wash can remove deep-down dirt and grime.

An Elis representative will come at regular intervals to replace your dirty mat with a clean one.

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