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Did you know?

It is essential to provide your female staff and customers with clean toilets that have special containers for feminine hygiene waste.

A legal obligation

Article R 4228 -10 of the French Labour Code states that toilet facilities for women must be equipped with a container for sanitary products.

The Ladylis range: Women really notice the difference!

Out with ordinary bins, and in with the Elis 3-in-1 feminine hygiene solution!
The Elis 3-in-1 female hygiene solution ensures that your facilities are always clean and your users will be satisfied.:
  1. Ladylis

    Elis has a special container designed for women's needs and  menstrual waste. Ladylis has various unique strengths: it can open without  any physical contact if you opt for its pedal-operated or its No Touch design, the waste is not exposed to view, and the lid always looks and smells clean. Your users will be pleased and 100% satisfied with Ladylis's thoughtful design!

  2. Ladybag

    Provide your users with even better hygiene and discretion, with the feminine hygiene waste bag dispenser, the Ladybag.

  3. Comprehensive Elis service

    Ensure that your feminine hygiene facilities are always kept  clean through regular maintenance.

    After Ladylis bins have been fitted, your Elis service representative will perform the following maintenance routines at specific intervals:

    • Collection of used bags
    • Replacement of the natural biocidal powder and lid's protective wrapping
    • Disposal of bags at the Elis centre.

    The waste is then destroyed via a procedure that provides traceability (filed waste tracking form).

Meet the Fuchsia Edition!


Elis brings you the Fuchsia Edition of its feminine hygiene range to meet your female users' expectations.

  • The Ladylis pedal-operated and No Touch bins are available in a Fuschia Edition.
  • Hygiene product disposal bags for the Ladybag dispenser are also available in Fuschia.
Finishes available :
  • Available in:
  • - Classic version
  • - Silver finish (metallic grey)
  • - Prestige finish (chrome plated)
  • - Fuchsia Edition
Finishes available :
  • Available in:
  • - Classic version
  • - Silver finish (metallic grey)
  • - Prestige finish (chrome plated)
  • - Fuchsia Edition
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