A 25

Hand Washing

A 25

A device designed for workshops

The A 25 is an Elis soap dispenser with a large capacity (2.5 litres) that is particularly suitable for:

  • Industrial environments (assembly workshops, cutting edge industry, mechanical engineering, garages, power tool users, paint companies, print shops, etc.);
  • High traffic service industry locations (all high traffic washroom facilities, any locations without a water tap that are in need of disinfection, like workstations in agrifood, medical or para-medical environments, near to canteens, food dispensers, etc.).



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  • Mechanical dispensing system with a large pushbutton (hand- or elbow-operated)
  • A large holding capacity for intensive usage
  • A large window for a better view of the product
  • Made of anti-vandal ABS for more robustness
  • Lockable
  • Several types of soap available, suitable for high-traffic workshops and offices


  • Containing natural fats for good moisturization
  • Optimal biodegradability without solvents, to help protect the environment

We have a wide array of soaps specifically designed for workshops and high traffic service industry locations (dirt, hygiene, effectiveness, etc.).

Our Apricot soap contains hypoallergenic plant particles to eliminate hard-to-remove grime - from the hands of mechanics, for example.

  • 165 (L) mm
  • 355 (H) mm
  • 115 (W) mm
  • 720 g
  • 2500 ml
  • Exists in Classic version
  • Very high holding capacity for intensive use

A range in anti-vandal ABS

A consistent range available with multiple finishes (white, metallic grey or chrome plated)

A lock on every device

Devices designed to prevent excessive consumption

A range of no-touch / disposable devices

Devices that are easy to use and refill

The Elis sanitary rental/maintenance service means that you will not have to buy or store consumables or maintain equipment.

  • Preliminary needs assessment
  • Delivery and installation of your sanitary fittings by professional installers
  • Consumables delivered at regular intervals for uninterrupted service
  • Maintenance of cotton towel rolls for guaranteed hygiene
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Your Elis service representative is attentive to your needs, ensuring that you receive top quality service
  • Clear and understandable invoicing

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  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Guaranteed prices

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