A 50


A 50

A dedicated appliance for workshops

  • The A 50 is the Elis soap dispenser with a 5-litre capacity, made for workshops such as for the mechanical engineering industries, garages, machine tool users, paint users, print shops, etc.
  • Wide range of high-quality soaps, designed for all kinds of soiling, from light soiling to the most extreme (sludge, grease, tar, paint, ink, etc.).
  • The appliance is made of anti-vandalism ABS for extreme robustness.
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  • Pressure-operated mechanical dispenser system
  • A large holding capacity for intensive use
  • Fully-visible soap recharge for better visibility of the consumable
  • 100%-metal casing: very tough for extreme use
  • Vandal-proof appliance: high-security metal fixture and lock
  • Several types of soap available, suitable for workshops


A range of dedicated soaps for workshops

  • Containing fats of natural origin for good skin hydration.
  • Optimised biodegradability, without solvent: for environmental respect.
  • 170 (L) mm
  • 395 (H) mm
  • 160 (W) mm
  • 1.8 kg
  • 5000 ml
  • Exists in Classic version
  • A dedicated range of soaps for workshops
  • Appliance in anti-vandalism ABS

A range in anti-vandalism ABS

A consistent range available with several finishes (white, metallic grey, chrome-plated)

A lock on every appliance

Appliances designed to prevent over-consumption

A range of no-touch / one-time-usage appliances

Comfort of use
Appliances that are easy to use and reload

The Elis sanitary rental/maintenance service means that you don't have to buy and store consumables or maintain equipment.

  • Prior study of your needs
  • Delivery and installation of your sanitary fittings by professional installers
  • Consumables delivered for continual no-outages usage at regular intervals
  • Maintenance of cotton towelling rolls for guaranteed hygiene
  • Checking and maintenance of hardware
  • Your Elis service agent is attentive to your needs, to ensure you receive a perfect service
  • Clear and understandable invoicing


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