PH 400 Metal

Toilet Paper Dispensers

PH 400 Metal

The PH 400 Metal model is the toilet paper roll dispenser recommended for high autonomy and incredible sturdiness.

Its large capacity can hold a 380m paper roll. It is particularly well suited to high traffic locations and industry.

The toilet papers for this dispenser are all Ecolabel certified.

We offer several grades of paper to meets your needs.


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Technical description

  • Ø: 300 mm
  • W: 110 mm
  • 1.6 kg
  • Uses Ecolabel certified toilet paper
  • A metal device for more robust use

380 metre toilet paper rolls.

Several grades of paper are available.

The Ecolabel is the only European ecological label that guarantees the reduction of environmental impact throughout the life of the product.


A range in anti-vandal ABS

A consistent range available with multiple finishes (white, metallic grey or chrome plated)

A lock on every device

Devices designed to prevent excessive consumption

A range of no-touch / disposable devices

Devices that are easy to use and refill

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